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Remove Ivy Year-Round:

Permanantly, Quickly, Naturally, and Easily

from Parks, Landscapes, Gardens - wherever it's a problem

Ivy icon - get rid of ivy with the ivy ripperSave Native Plants
Ivy icon - get rid of ivy with the ivy ripper Virtually No Regrowth
Ivy icon - get rid of ivy with the ivy ripperNo Herbicides
We have been working 3 years now on a  tool to change the way we remove ivy.

We have been working 3 years now on a tool to change the way we remove ivy.

It’s human-powered, simple to use, light and sturdy – and it enables a person to remove ivy permanently at a remarkable speed.

For Problems such as:

– Removing Ivy from Large Areas

– Saving Trees

– Saving Native Species

– Avoiding High Costs

– Recruiting and Training Volunteers

– Avoiding Re-growth

– Herbicide Restrictions

Find the Answers -

What Does it Take?

How do you invent a tool to rip out English ivy?

The answer is: You Care. You spend a lot of time on it. Invest your life savings in it.

You do it because you care about how we humans have altered Phil uses the IVy Ripper to eliminate ivy permanentlyour landscapes, and you want to be a part of restoring them.

You do it because you’ve been out there on cold Saturday mornings with your neighbors cutting and pulling the ivy by hand and feeling the futility of trying to save trees.

You do it once and fail.

Do it again – and fail. And again… and keep that up until you learn how it has to work and what you have to grind, drill, mold, and cast to make the parts, one by one.

Then you assemble them, and you test and test.

You squeeze the costs wherever you can – and the time it takes to cast and finish the parts.

Some tests work better than others. Some parts break or clot up with dirt and twigs.

Some people who volunteer to test are more impressed than others. You write down their criticisms and try again.

                     And sometimes it just rains.

But eventually you get one that works – even works well. And you want to let the world know about it.

So now You can sign up on our Contacts Page (below) and get updates about the new Ivy-Ripper v. 14.2.

Get a Free Demonstration for your team if You Live in the Portland Area or along the I-5 Corridor.

Look Familiar?


This is How It Has Always Been Done: Turn out on Saturday, grab the loppers, bend over and pull, work till your back and knees hurt too much, then go home. You can make progress this way. But what if there was a better way?


We have one, and we’d be glad to show you. Go to Contact Us (below) and tell us about your project.


Contact Us to Get One or to Receive Updates

We are ready now – still improving but ready to launch.

Now we need to get our tool into the hands of people who want to use it. We need help in spreading the word.

Please sign up under Contact Us to receive updates. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram. And tell colleagues and friends about us, and ask them to like us too.


Contact Us to Get One or to Receive Updates

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